Jul 5, 2014


Hey guys!
It's Saturday and that's when I usually share what I've been reading and loving this week, via my fetish for lists. 

1. 940 Saturdays, that's how many Saturdays we spend with our cuties from birth to age 18. What a great way to document it! // on Lisa Congdon's blog
2. The next super fruit. Note: It's pink and hairy and has calcium // Rambutan
3. The best of Trader Joe's according to Mom's Kitchen Handbook // the Handbook
4. Have you tried Jennifer Aniston's favorite smoothie? // PopSugar
5. By far my fave Instagram this week > My Life With Bradley Cooper // on Instagram

My little family is on vacation this week so that means, so am I! The blog will be quiet for a week or so and when I return we'll be moving to the new site. Whoop whoop! 

I'll be checking in occasionally on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram: @sandi_louwho 
Hope you're catching some poolside time this week too!

maui poolside image via sf girl by bay

Come on and say it!

Come on and say it!