Jun 28, 2014


Hi friends!
It's Saturday and that's when I usually share what I've been reading and loving this week, via my fetish for lists. 

1. My next book list after my next...book list: Rory Gilmore's // Buzzfeed
2. Favorite Tumblr: A Certain Kind of Woman // Doesn't it make you want to read more about Diane von Furstenburg?
3. Pineapple agua fresca, por favor! via Apartment 34
4. Fave Instagram: @aguynamedpatrick He's currently in Paris. I'm so jealous I've lost three buttons on my blouse.
5. This whole kitchen shebang >> via Trendland
6. 5 terrific beach reads >> via Design Sponge

7. You guys, are you saving your strawberry tops?? // via Food 52 
8. Have you seen the new artsy ceramic traveler mugs at Starbucks? // Starbucks

9. And...small Texas town high school graduations. :)

Make it a good one!

Come on and say it!

Come on and say it!