Mar 4, 2014

Pantry Picks

Meet this Modern Mom's Pantry Picks of the Month, only 3.1 days in but so what! Check out those kitchen colors, check out that nook..

a. The best-est of can pumpkin to secretly stir into the kids morning oats. Shhh..don't tell. They're oblivious to my fast hand. 
b. Age-delaying cream hidden back in the dark pantry corner. Nobody knows that I lather on extra during the day..
c. Olives to satisfy my after-lunch salty addiction.
d. While dinner is simmering, I catch up on my 'how to leisure more' reads!!
e. My other corner pantry must-have stashery. What's yours? Dooo tell..
efff. Yummy nibs to nibble with visiting neighbors. 

A Happy Toos-day!
S   :)

*And..if you're feelin' it, some of my favorite mugs to share with neighbors who drop by - mugged

imahges: mod kitsch. this pumpkin is somethin'. a special tea just for me. olives 'em, what can i say. just how to disappear, more. white lies and carb stashin' - perfectly smashin'.  cacao nibs need no bibs. 

Come on and say it!

Come on and say it!