Sep 19, 2012

Knock Your Salts Off

Many of us eat too much salt - or sodium chloride, as the science-y people will refer to it. It's real life folks. It happens everyday!
Salt is everywhere- in boxes, cartons, and bags. Frozen food. Canned food. Jarred food. Cured foods. Don't get me wrong, our bodies need a healthy dose of salt. Just not sooo much of it. 
Many of us don't eat enough potassium. Potassium?
True - it doesn't get nearly the press that salt does. 

Potassium is a crucial mineral that our body really needs to function correctly. Like salt kind of, but that's already been reviewed. We generally eat too much salt, remember?

The cure: Consume less salt, duh....and Eat more potassium rich foods! Yep, it helps to neutralize all the salt we do eat. No no, it's not just in bananas, promise.

Find potassium in leafy green vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, beans, dairy and seafood. Combine these foods together, they like to hang out. Like adding some fruit to yogurt or even, an end-of-summer peach + tomato salsa combo with some wild salmon. 
Less salt (less boxes & bags) + more potassium (more raw & fresh) = balance. 
Moderation moderation moderation. 

Come on and say it!

  1. yep all about balance love thanks for always being such a sweet support


Come on and say it!