Jun 21, 2012

Salad Is Like Popcorn

fresh tomato

Salad is like popcorn because both:
  • are tasty when lightly drizzled with a healthy oil
  • can be purchased pre-made or prepared yourself

  • can be consumed eating in or dining out
  • are crunchy and fun to eat :)
jar salad

  • can have organic spices added to boost taste-ability
  • are high in fiber which aids our body in lowering cholesterol, keeps us feeling full, and helps us lose some unwanted weight (thank you, Jesus)

  • can get stuck in your teeth.  Ick.
  • have been found to have an abundance of cancer-fighting antioxidants

  • are low in calories until we start adding too much of the extras...

I'm celebrating the arrival of Summer Solstice.  Dream BIG!

Come on and say it!

  1. This is a fun analogy. Now I also want to eat more popcorn.

  2. (thank you Jesus)


    Love this post, Sandi - and your irrepressible sense of style and humor. I've missed you!

  3. Even total opposites can have things in common, can't they?


Come on and say it!